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  branch John Carter and the Giant of Mars
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Next paragraph     Kantos Kan's flagship narrowly escaped annihilation at the first blow of the giant. The creature's club only missed the leading ship by a few feet.
Next paragraph     From their position on the malagor, John Carter and Dejah Thoris could see many of the airships turning back toward the mountains. Others, however, were not so fortunate.
Next paragraph     Caught in the wild rush of air resulting from the giant's swinging club, the craft pitched and tossed crazily out of control. Again and again the huge tree trunk split through the air as the giant swung blow after blow at the helpless ships.
Next paragraph     "Kantos Kan is re-forming his fleet," John Carter shouted above the roar of battle as the fighting on the ground was once more resumed with increased zeal.
Next paragraph     "The ships are returning again," cried the princess, "toward that awful creature!"
Next paragraph     "They are spreading out in the air," the earthman replied. "Kantos Kan is trying to surround the giant!"
Next paragraph     "But why?"
Next paragraph     "Look, they are giving him some of Pew Mogel's own medicine!"
Next paragraph     Helium's vast fleet of airships was darting in from all sides. Others came zooming down from above. As they approached within range of their massive target, the gunners would pour out a veritable hail of bullets and rays into the giant's body.
Next paragraph     Dejah Thoris sighed in relief. "He can't stand that much longer!" she said.
Next paragraph     John Carter, however, shook his head sadly as the giant began to strike down the planes with renewed fury.
Next paragraph     "I'm afraid it's useless. Not only those bullets but the ray-guns as well are having no effect upon the creature. His body has been imbued with a serum that Ras Thavas discovered. The stuff spreads throughout the tissue cells and makes them grew immediately with unbelievable speed to replace all wounded or destroyed flesh."
Next paragraph     "You mean," Dejah Thoris asked, horror-stricken, "the awful monster might never be destroyed?"
Next paragraph     "It is probable that he will live and grow forever," replied the earthman, "unless something drastic is done to destroy him."
Next paragraph     A sudden fire of determination flared in the earthman's steel grey eyes.
Next paragraph     "There may be a way yet to stop him, my princess, and save our people-"
Next paragraph     A weird, bold plan had formulated itself in John Carter's mind. He was accustomed to acting quickly on sudden impulse. Now he ordered his malagor down close over Tars Tarkas's head.
Next paragraph     Although he knew the battle was hopeless, the green man was fighting furiously on his great thoat.
Next paragraph     "Call your men back to the mountains," shouted Carter to his old friend. "Hide out there and reorganize-wait for my return!"
Next paragraph     The next half hour found John Carter and the girl beside Kantos Kan's flagship. The great Helium Fleet had once more retreated over the mountains to take stock of its losses and re-form for a new attack.
Next paragraph     Every ship's captain must have known the futility of further battle against this indomitable element; yet they were all willing to fight to the last for their nation and for their princess, who had so recently been rescued.
Next paragraph     After the eartbman and the girl boarded the flagship, they freed the great malagor that had so faithfully served them. Kantos Kan joyously greeted the princess on bended knee and then welcomed his old friend.
Next paragraph     "To know you two are safe again is a pleasure that even outweighs the great sadness of seeing our City of Helium fall into the enemy's hands," stated Kantos Kan sincerely.
Next paragraph     "We have not lost yet, Kantos Kan," said the earthman. "I have a plan that might save us-I'll need ten of your largest planes manned by only a minimum crew."
Next paragraph     "I'll wire orders for them to break formation and assemble beside the flagship immediately," replied Kantos Kan, turning to an orderly.
Next paragraph     "Just a minute," added Carter. "I'll want each plane equipped with two hundred parachutes."
Next paragraph     "Two hundred parachutes?" echoed the orderly. "Yes, sir!" Almost immediately there were ten large aircraft, empty troop ships, drifting in single file formation beside Kantos Kan's flagship. Each had a minimum crew of ten men and two hundred parachutes, two thousand parachutes in all! Just before he boarded the leading ship, John Carter spoke to Kantos Kan.
Next paragraph     "Keep your fleet intact," he said, "until I return. Stay near Helium and protect the city as best you can. I'll be back by dawn."
Next paragraph     "But that monster," groaned Kantos Kan. "Look at him. We must do something to save Helium."
Next paragraph     The enormous creature, standing one hundred and thirty feet tall, dressed in his ill-fitting, baggy tunic, was tossing boulders and bombs into Helium, his every action dictated through short wave by Pew Mogel, who sat in the armored howdah atop the giant's head.
Next paragraph     John Carter laid his hand on Kantos Kan's shoulder.
Next paragraph     "Don't waste further ships and men uselessly in fighting the creature," he warned "and trust me, my friend. Do as I say at least until dawn!"
Next paragraph     John Carter took Dejah Thoris's hand in his and kissed it. "Goodbye, my chieftain," she whispered, tears filling her eyes.
Next paragraph     "You'll be safer here with Kantos Kan, Dejah Thoris," spoke the earthman; and then, "Goodbye, my princess," he called and vaulted lightly over the craft's rail to the deck of the troop ship alongside. It pained him to leave Dejah Thoris; yet he knew she was in safe hands.
Next paragraph     Ten minutes later, Dejah Thoris and Kantos Kan watched the ten speedy craft disappear into the distant haze.
Next paragraph     When John Carter had gone, Kantos Kan unfurled Dejah Thoris's personal colors beside the nation's flag; so that all Helium would know that their princess had been found safe and the people be heartened by her close presence.
Next paragraph     During his absence, Kantos Kan and Tars Tarkas followed the earthman's orders, refraining from throwing away their forces in hopeless battle. As a result, Pew Mogel's fighters had moved closer and closer to Helium; while Pew Mogel himself was even now preparing Joog to lead the final assault upon the fortressed city. Exactly twenty-four hours later, John Carter's ten ships returned.
Next paragraph     As he approached Helium, the earthman took in the situation at a glance. He had feared that he would be too late, for his secret mission had occupied more precious time than he had anticipated.
      But now he sighed with relief. There was still time to put into execution his bold plan, the plan upon which rested the fate of a nation.