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white The Barsoom series
  branch Synthetic Men of Mars
    branch Table of contents
Chapter 1.  Where is Ras Thavas?
Chapter 2.  The mission of the Warlord
Chapter 3.  The invincible warriors
Chapter 4.  The secret of the marshes
Chapter 5.  The judgement of the Jeds
Chapter 6.  Ras Thavas, master mind of Mars
Chapter 7.  The vats of life
Chapter 8.  The red assassin
Chapter 9.  Man into hormad
Chapter 10.  I find Janai
Chapter 11.  War of the seven jeds
Chapter 12.  Warrior's reward
Chapter 13.  John Carter disappears
Chapter 14.  When the monster grows
Chapter 15.  I find my master
Chapter 16.  The jeddak speaks
Chapter 17.  Escape us never
Chapter 18.  Treason island
Chapter 19.  Night flight
Chapter 20.  The mighty Jed of Goolie
Chapter 21.  Duel to the death
Chapter 22.  Off for Phundal
Chapter 23.  Captives of Amhor
Chapter 24.  Caged
Chapter 25.  Prince in a zoo
Chapter 26.  The bite of the adder
Chapter 27.  Flight into jeopardy
Chapter 28.  The great fleet
Chapter 29.  Back toward Morbus
Chapter 30.  The end of two worlds
Chapter 31.  The adventure's end