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white The Barsoom series
  branch A Fighting Man of Mars
    branch Table of contents
Chapter 1.  Sanoma Tora
Chapter 2.  Brought down
Chapter 3.  Cornered
Chapter 4.  Tavia
Chapter 5.  To the pits
Chapter 6.  Sentenced to die
Chapter 7.  The death
Chapter 8.  The spider of Ghasta
Chapter 9.  Phor Tak of Jhama
Chapter 10.  The flying death
Chapter 11.  Let the fire be hot!
Chapter 12.  The cloak of invisibility
Chapter 13.  Tul Axtar's women
Chapter 14.  The cannibals of U-Gor
Chapter 15.  The battle of Jahar
Chapter 16.  Despair
Chapter 17.  I find a princess