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white The Barsoom series
  branch The Chessmen of Mars
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John Carter Comes to Earth
Chapter 1.  Tara in a Tantrum
Chapter 2.  At the Gale's Mercy
Chapter 3.  The Headless Humans
Chapter 4.  Captured
Chapter 5.  The Perfect Brain
Chapter 6.  In the Toils of Horror
Chapter 7.  A Repellent Sight
Chapter 8.  Close Work
Chapter 9.  Adrift Over Strange Regions
Chapter 10.  Entrapped
Chapter 11.  The Choice of Tara
Chapter 12.  Ghek Plays Pranks
Chapter 13.  A Desperate Deed
Chapter 14.  At Ghek's Command
Chapter 15.  The Old Man of the Pits
Chapter 16.  Another Change of Name
Chapter 17.  A Play to the Death
Chapter 18.  A Task for Loyalty
Chapter 19.  The Menace of the Dead
Chapter 20.  The Charge of Cowardice
Chapter 21.  A Risk for Love
Chapter 22.  At the Moment of Marriage
Jetan, or Martian Chess