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white The Barsoom series
  branch Princess of Mars
    branch Table of contents
Chapter 1.  On the Arizona Hills
Chapter 2.  The Escape of the Dead
Chapter 3.  My Advent on Mars
Chapter 4.  A Prisoner
Chapter 5.  I Elude My Watch Dog
Chapter 6.  A Fight That Won Friends
Chapter 7.  Child-Raising on Mars
Chapter 8.  A Fair Captive from the Sky
Chapter 9.  I Learn the Language
Chapter 10.  Champion and Chief
Chapter 11.  With Dejah Thoris
Chapter 12.  A Prisoner with Power
Chapter 13.  Love-Making on Mars
Chapter 14.  A Duel to the Death
Chapter 15.  Sola Tells Me Her Story
Chapter 16.  We Plan Escape
Chapter 17.  A Costly Recapture
Chapter 18.  Chained in Warhoon
Chapter 19.  Battling in the Arena
Chapter 20.  In the Atmosphere Factory
Chapter 21.  An Air Scout for Zodanga
Chapter 22.  I Find Dejah
Chapter 23.  Lost in the Sky
Chapter 24.  Tars Tarkas Finds a Friend
Chapter 25.  The Looting of Zodanga
Chapter 26.  Through Carnage to Joy
Chapter 27.  From Joy to Death
Chapter 28.  At the Arizona Cave