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    The webbooks of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series have been generated from content available for free on the Gutenberg Projectwebsite. The content of the glossary which is not part of the original books is copyright protected.
    Links on other resources on the Barsoom series are available on
    I first set up the Barsoomian website in early 2007 and it has been regularly updated since then. The main evolution over time has been the indexing of special terms, facts and events. This work is in progress and more interactivity will be made available as time goes by. The glossary is machine generated from fact and event indexes. My apologies to those who might find the style rather heavy. I am confident that the sentence generator will improve with time. Thanks to Joseph Crowther for his friendly support on technical matters and to Sebastian Laading for the web design.
    Erik Laading
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